Revolutionizing consumer credit

We help financial institutions turn prospects into customers while developing a stronger relationship with their existing customer base. By using our platform, your customers and prospects will be able to:


Use patented tools to model the impact of real-time actions on their credit score


Evaluate credit offers that are tailored to their needs and profile


Explore customized education materials for their credit wellness

Tailored Credit Offers – No More Rejections

Lantern Credit’s unique analytics will match your customers only with credit offers for which they qualify. It will also show them how to impact their credit and qualify for your other offerings. We are invested in helping you grow your business while helping your customers build credit and qualify for offers that will allow them to meet their financial goals.

The Interactive Credit Report™

Powered by beamAI

Lantern Credit’s proprietary and powerful Interactive Credit Report™ empowers consumers to view their credit report and credit score and provides customized guidance on how making specific financial choices will impact their credit score now and in the future.

Education for Credit Wellness

Lantern Credit provides access to explore the topics your customers need to develop and maintain their credit wellness. We continue to add new articles and our platform uses machine learning to recommend the most impactful information for each user.